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About the Specification

Product Lifecycle Management Services
2.0 beta 3
Publication Date:
December 2008
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Specification Documents

Informative Documents

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Document Number Explanation Format URL
dtc/08-09-03 UPDATED PLM Services V2.0 FTF report -- machine readable files Archive dtc/

Informative Machine Consumable Documents

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Document Number Explanation Format URL
dtc/08-09-10 exp EXP PLM/20080901/PIM_Equivalence_Schema.exp
dtc/08-09-10 exx EXX PLM/20080901/AIM2PIMEquivalence.exx
dtc/08-09-10 wsdl WSDL PLM/20080901/ConnectionFactory.wsdl
dtc/08-09-10 wsdl WSDL PLM/20080901/GeneralConnection.wsdl
dtc/08-09-10 wsdl WSDL PLM/20080901/MessageConnection.wsdl
dtc/08-09-10 wsdl WSDL PLM/20080901/PLMServicesAll.wsdl
dtc/08-09-10 xmi XMI PLM/20080901/PIM_ComputationalViewpoint.xmi
dtc/08-09-10 xmi XMI PLM/20080901/PIM_InformationalViewpoint.xmi
dtc/08-09-10 xmi XMI PLM/20080901/PSM_WSDLnamespace.xmi
dtc/08-09-10 xmi XMI PLM/20080901/PSM_XSDSchema.xmi
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/ComputationalCore.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/Exception.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/GenericQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/Information.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/InformationalCore.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/InformationalModel.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/MessageQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/Parameter.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/PdtnetQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/ProxyQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/SchemaInfo.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/SpecificQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/UtilityQueries.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/xml.xsd
dtc/08-09-10 xsd XSD PLM/20080901/XPathQueries.xsd


In Process Versions

Version Adoption Date URL
2.0 beta 3 December 2008

Formal Versions

Version Adoption Date URL
1.0.1 April 2006