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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 14
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
CORBA FTAM/FTP Interworking FTAM™ 1.0 formal March 2002
MOF Query/View/Transformation QVT™ 1.3 formal June 2016
Meta Object Facility MOF™ 2.5.1 formal October 2016
Naming Service NAM 1.3 formal October 2004
Notification Service NOT 1.1 formal September 2004
Public Key Infrastructure PKI 1.0 formal September 2002
Telecom Log Service TLOG™ 1.1.2 formal June 2003
UML Human-Usable Textual Notation HUTN™ 1.0 formal August 2004
UML Profile for CORBA CORP 1.0 formal April 2002
UML Profile for Enterprise Application Integration EAI™ 1.0 formal March 2004
UML Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing EDOC™ 1.0 formal February 2004
Workflow Management Facility WfMF 1.2 formal May 2000
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.5.1 formal June 2015