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Object Management Group Announces Accredited Training Provider Program
Validating training providers to ensure certification candidate success

BOSTON, MA – MAY 22, 2024 – Today, Object Management Group® (OMG®) announced its Accredited Training Provider Program to ensure candidates receive the highest quality training as they prepare for their OMG certification exams.

"By completing our accreditation process, training providers gain instant exposure to a vast audience of individuals seeking professional growth, and candidates receive optimal training from industry experts," said Terrance Milligan, Director of OMG Certification Programs.

Training accreditation is available for the following OMG certification exams:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) 2 Certifications – Enhance one's ability to analyze and model processes, identify inefficiencies, implement improvements, and drive organizational strategic outcomes. In an ever-evolving business landscape, BPM certification is an invaluable asset.
  • Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML®) Certifications – Qualify a systems engineer's proficiency in using SysML to represent complex systems, including their structure, behavior, and requirements. They testify to the individual's commitment to professional growth and mastery of a critical tool in their systems engineering toolbox.
  • Unified Architecture Framework (UAF®) Certifications - Demonstrate an individual's ability to model, analyze, and design architectures across multiple viewpoints and concerns, from strategic planning to detailed system design. In today's complex technological landscape, UAF certification can enhance a professional's marketability, contribute to successful project outcomes, and signify a commitment to professional excellence and continuous learning.
  • Unified Modeling Language® 2 (UML® 2) Certifications – Validate an individual's ability to use UML to effectively model system architecture, design software solutions, and communicate complex concepts to stakeholders. In software development, a UML certification can enhance a professional's credibility, increase career opportunities, and contribute to the successful delivery of high-quality software solutions.


Please visit our website for the list of OMG-accredited training providers or to become an OMG-accredited training provider.

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