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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 9
Currency Service CURR 1.0 formal June 2000
FIBO Business Entities EDMC-FIBO/BE 1.1 formal January 2018
FIBO Financial Business And Commerce EDMC-FIBO/FBC 1.0 formal July 2017
FIBO Foundations EDMC-FIBO/FND 1.2 formal December 2017
FIBO Indices And Indicators EDMC-FIBO/IND 1.0 formal July 2017
Financial Instrument Global IdentifierĀ® FIGIĀ® 1.0 formal December 2015
General Ledger LEDG 1.0 formal February 2001
Party Management Facility PARTY 1.0 formal February 2001
P & C Data Model For Property And Casualty Insurance PC 1.0 formal October 2014