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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 17
UML Profile for BPMN Processes BPMNProfile™ 1.0 formal July 2014
UML Profile for CORBA and CORBA Components CCCMP™ 1.0 formal April 2008
UML Profile for CORBA Components CCMP™ 1.0 formal July 2005
UML Profile for CORBA CORP 1.0 formal April 2002
UML Profile for Enterprise Application Integration EAI™ 1.0 formal March 2004
UML Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing EDOC™ 1.0 formal February 2004
UML Profile for MARTE MARTE 1.2 formal April 2019
UML Profile for NIEM NIEM-UML™ 3.0 formal April 2017
UML Profile for Modeling QoS and FT QFTP 1.1 formal April 2008
Software Radio Components SDRP™ 1.0 formal March 2007
UML Profile for System on a Chip SoCP™ 1.0.1 formal August 2006
UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance, & Time SPTP™ 1.1 formal January 2005
UML Profile for Telecommunication Services TelcoML™ 1.0 formal July 2013
SES Management TelcoML Extension TelcoML-SES™ 1.0 formal August 2013
UML Profile for ROSETTA UPR 1.0 beta beta July 2018
UML Testing Profile 2 UTP2 2.0 formal December 2018
UML Profile for Voice-based Applications VOICP™ 1.0 formal April 2008