This page provides a summary of OMG specifications that have either been formally published or are in the finalization process.

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Adoption Date represents the date the specification was generally available. You can sort the columns in the table.
Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 28
Business Process Definition Metamodel BPDM 1.0 formal November 2008
Diagram Definition DD™ 1.0 formal July 2012
Diagram Definition DD™ 1.1 formal August 2015
Federal Transition Framework FTF 1.0 formal February 2009
IT Portfolio Management Facility ITPMF 1.0 formal April 2007
Languages, Countries And Codes LCC 1.1 formal February 2020
Meta Object Facility MOF™ 1.4 formal April 2002
Meta Object Facility MOF™ 2.0 formal January 2006
Meta Object Facility MOF™ 2.4.2 formal April 2014
Meta Object Facility MOF™ 2.5.1 formal October 2016
MOF to RDF Mapping MOF2RDF 1.0 formal March 2020
MOF 2.0 Facility And Object Lifecycle Specification MOFFOL™ 2.0 formal March 2010
MOF2 Versioning and Development Lifecycle MOFVD™ 2.0 formal May 2007
Object Constraint Language OCL™ 2.0 formal May 2006
Object Constraint Language OCL™ 2.2 formal February 2010
Object Constraint Language OCL™ 2.3.1 formal December 2011
Object Constraint Language OCL™ 2.4 formal February 2014
Ontology Definition Metamodel ODM™ 1.1 formal September 2014
Unified Modeling Language UML® 2.4.1 formal July 2011
UML Diagram Interchange UMLDI 1.0 formal April 2006
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM™ 1.0.1 formal April 2011
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM™ 1.1 formal May 2011
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM™ 2.0.1 formal January 2013
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM™ 2.1.1 formal May 2017
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.0 formal May 2003
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.1.1 formal December 2007
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.4.2 formal March 2014
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.5.1 formal June 2015