This page provides a summary of OMG specifications that have either been formally published or are in the finalization process.

The "acronym" link navigates to the latest version of the specification, this link changes whenever a new version of the specification is published.
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Adoption Date represents the date the specification was generally available. You can sort the columns in the table.
Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 9
UML Profile for CORBA Components CCMP™ 1.0 formal July 2005
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
Addl Structuring Mechanisms for OTS OTS 1.0 formal September 2002
Real-time CORBA RT 1.2 formal January 2005
Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel SPEM™ 1.0 formal November 2002
Telecom Log Service TLOG™ 1.1.2 formal June 2003
Telecom Service & Access Subscription TSAS 1.0 formal December 2002
Unified Modeling Language UML® 2.4.1 formal July 2011
UML Profile for Voice-based Applications VOICP™ 1.0 formal April 2008