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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 9
Command and Control Message Specification C2MS 1.0 formal November 2019
Computer Aided Design Services CAD 1.2 formal January 2005
CubeSat System Reference Model Profile CSRM 1.0 beta 2 beta September 2022
OMG Systems Modeling Language SysML® 1.7 beta beta December 2022
Risk Analysis and Assessment Modeling Language RAAML 1.0 beta 2 beta March 2022
Space Telecommunications Interface STI 1.0 formal March 2023
Unified Modeling Language UML® 2.4.1 formal July 2011
XML Metadata Interchange XMI® 2.5.1 formal June 2015
XTCE US Govt Satellite Conformance Profile XUSP™ 1.0 formal May 2015