Certification Subcommittee

Certification Subcommittee

The OMG clearly understands recognition of an individual's competency to interpret and design models efficiently is paramount to their credibility and marketability and likewise facilitates employer evaluation of future performance and quality of output. Our industry and subject matter experts carefully craft our exams to meet the requirements of an ever demanding industry landscape.


  • Assist in building teams who will develop exams
  • Evaluate business cases for certification program development
  • Generate certification process descriptions
  • Identify skill gaps that can be closed using OMG specifications and OMG Programs (e.g., AREA, DTC)
  • Recommend best practices, guiding principles, and policies for managing certification programs

Work in Progress:

  • Business Process Management+ (BPM+) Certification: Will test an individual's ability to read/understand BPM+ Models that integrate the use of the BPMNCMMN, and DMN modeling languages for formally describing a broad range of operational behaviors in a business.
  • Business Process Management 2 Foundation Certification Revision: Will test an individual's knowledge of basic business concepts and terms, business motivation and planning, business processes and management, BPMN elements, the Analytic Conformance Class, the Descriptive Conformance Class, process quality, governance and metrics frameworks.
  • Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Model User Certification: Will test basic concepts in UAF model literacy.

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