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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 12
Archetype Modeling Language AML 1.0 formal March 2018
Bibliographic Query Service BQS 1.0 formal May 2002
Clinical Decision Support Service CDSS 1.0 formal June 2011
Clinical Observation Access Service COAS 1.0 formal April 2001
Common Terminology Services 2 CTS2™ 1.2 formal April 2015
OMG HData RESTful Transport Hdata 1.0 formal October 2013
Identity Cross Reference Service IXS 1.0.1 formal May 2011
Lexicon Query Service LQS 1.0 formal June 2000
Person Identification Service PIDS™ 1.1 formal April 2001
Resource Access Decision RAD 1.0 formal April 2001
Retrieve, Locate, and Update Service RLUS 1.0.1 formal July 2011
Services Directory ServD™ 1.0 formal February 2014