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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 14
ADA Language Mapping ADA 1.1 formal July 1999
Case Management Model and Notation CMMN™ 1.0 formal May 2014
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA® 3.1.1 formal July 2011
Decision Model and Notation DMN™ 1.3 formal February 2021
Interface Definition Language IDL 4.0 formal April 2016
Person Identification Service PIDS™ 1.0 formal June 2000
Product Data Management Enablers PDME™ 1.3 formal November 2000
SES Management TelcoML Extension TelcoML-SES™ 1.0 formal August 2013
Satellite Operations Language Metamodel SOLM™ 1.0 formal November 2012
Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language SoaML® 1.0.1 formal May 2012
Smalltalk Language Mapping ST 1.0 formal July 1999
UML Profile for System on a Chip SoCP™ 1.0.1 formal August 2006
UML Profile for Telecommunication Services TelcoML™ 1.0 formal July 2013
XML Valuetype Language Mapping XML 1.1 formal April 2003