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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 11
Command and Control Interface for Navigation Systems C2INAV 1.0 formal February 2021
Distributed Ontology, Model, and Specification Language DOL™ 1.0 formal March 2018
Distributed Simulation Systems DSS™ 2.0 formal November 2002
FACE Profile for UAF FACE 1.0 beta beta July 2020
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping IDL4-CSHARP 1.0 formal March 2021
IDL4 to Java Language Mapping IDL4-Java 1.0 beta 2 beta September 2020
OMG HData RESTful Transport Hdata 1.0 formal October 2013
Software Radio Components SDRP™ 1.0 formal March 2007
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel SACM™ 2.1 formal April 2020
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard SPMS™ 1.2 formal November 2017
Unified Component Model for Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Systems UCM 1.2 formal April 2020