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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 16
Automated Enhancement Points AEP 1.0 formal April 2017
Automated Function Points AFP™ 1.0 formal December 2013
Automated Source Code Data Protection Measure ASCDPM 1.0 formal June 2022
Automated Source Code CISQ Maintainability Measure ASCMM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code CISQ Performance Efficiency Measure ASCPEM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code Quality Measures ASCQM 1.0 beta beta April 2019
Automated Source Code CISQ Reliability Measure ASCRM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code Resource Sustainability Measure ASCRSM 1.0 beta beta April 2023
Automated Source Code CISQ Security Measure ASCSM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel ASTM™ 1.0 formal January 2011
Automated Technical Debt Measure ATDM 1.0 formal December 2017
Automated Technical Debt Measure V2 ATDM2 1.0 beta beta October 2023
Knowledge Discovery Metamodel KDM 1.4 formal December 2016
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel SACM™ 2.1 beta beta March 2019
Structured Metrics Metamodel SMM™ 1.2 formal March 2018
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard SPMS™ 1.2 formal November 2017