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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 15
Automated Enhancement Points AEP 1.0 formal April 2017
Automated Function Points AFP™ 1.0 formal December 2013
Automated Source Code Data Protection Measure ASCDPM 1.0 beta beta April 2021
Automated Source Code CISQ Maintainability Measure ASCMM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code CISQ Performance Efficiency Measure ASCPEM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code Quality Measures ASCQM 1.0 beta beta April 2019
Automated Source Code CISQ Reliability Measure ASCRM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Automated Source Code Resource Sustainability Measure ASCRSM 1.0 beta beta April 2023
Automated Source Code CISQ Security Measure ASCSM™ 1.0 formal December 2015
Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel ASTM™ 1.0 formal January 2011
Automated Technical Debt Measure ATDM 1.0 formal December 2017
Knowledge Discovery Metamodel KDM 1.4 formal December 2016
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel SACM™ 2.1 beta beta March 2019
Structured Metrics Metamodel SMM™ 1.2 formal March 2018
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard SPMS™ 1.2 formal November 2017