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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 12
ADA Language Mapping ADA 1.3 formal May 2010
Additional Structuring Mechanisms for OTS OTS 1.1 formal January 2005
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
Data Distribution Service DDS™ 1.4 formal March 2015
Data Distribution Service + Data Local Reconstruction Layer DDS-DLRL™ 1.4 formal May 2015
Data Parallel Processing DPP™ 1.0 formal January 2006
Enhanced View of Time EVoT™ 1.2 formal October 2004
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping IDL4-CSHARP 1.0 formal March 2021
IDL4 to Java Language Mapping IDL4-Java 1.0 beta 2 beta September 2020
Lightweight Services LtSVC™ 1.0 formal October 2004
Online Upgrades ONUP™ 1.0 formal January 2008
Real-time CORBA RT 1.2 formal January 2005