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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 12
ADA Language Mapping ADA 1.3 formal May 2010
Additional Structuring Mechanisms for OTS OTS 1.1 formal January 2005
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
Data Distribution Service DDS™ 1.4 formal March 2015
Data Distribution Service + Data Local Reconstruction Layer DDS-DLRL™ 1.4 formal May 2015
Data Parallel Processing DPP™ 1.0 formal January 2006
Enhanced View of Time EVoT™ 1.2 formal October 2004
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping IDL4-CSHARP 1.0 formal March 2021
IDL4 to Java Language Mapping IDL4-Java 1.0 beta 2 beta September 2020
Lightweight Services LtSVC™ 1.0 formal October 2004
Online Upgrades ONUP™ 1.0 formal January 2008
Real-time CORBA RT 1.2 formal January 2005