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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 26
ADA Language Mapping ADA 1.3 formal May 2010
Asynchronous Method Invocation for CCM AMI4CCM™ 1.1 formal August 2015
Authorization Token Layer Acquisition Service ATLAS™ 1.0 formal September 2002
CORBA to WSDL/SOAP Interworking C2WSDL™ 1.2.1 formal August 2008
CORBA Component Model CCM™ 4.0 formal March 2006
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA® 3.4 beta beta May 2020
CORBA Bindings for WSDL CORBABINDING 1.0 formal May 2010
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
Deployment and Configuration of component-based Distributed Applications DEPL™ 4.0 formal April 2006
Data Parallel Processing DPP™ 1.0 formal January 2006
Fault Tolerant CORBA® FT 1.0 formal April 2010
CORBA FTAM/FTP Interworking FTAM™ 1.0 formal March 2002
IEF Reference Architecture IEF-RA 1.0 formal October 2019
Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocabulary IEPPV™ 1.0 formal May 2015
Lightweight Load Balancing Service LtLOAD™ 1.0 formal February 2010
Lightweight Log Service LtLOG™ 1.1 formal May 2005
Lightweight Fault Tolerance LWFT™ 1.0 formal March 2012
Online Upgrades ONUP™ 1.0 formal January 2008
Quality of Service for CCM QOSCCM™ 1.1 formal September 2008
CORBA Reflection RFLEC™ 1.0 formal May 2006
Real-time CORBA RT 1.2 formal January 2005
CORBA/TC Interworking and SCCP-Inter ORB Protocol SCCP™ 1.0 formal January 2001
Interworking Between CORBA and TMN Systems TMN™ 1.0 formal August 2000
Wireless Access and Terminal Mobility WATM™ 1.2 formal May 2005
WSDL/SOAP CORBA Interworking WSDL2C™ 1.0 formal March 2004
GIOP Compression ZIOP™ 1.0 formal January 2010