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Name Acronym Version Status Adoption Date
Total 32
ADA Language Mapping ADA 1.1 formal July 1999
C Language Mapping C 1.0 formal July 1999
C++ Language Mapping CPP 1.0 formal July 1999
COBOL Language Mapping COBOL 1.0 formal July 1999
CORBA Embedded CORBAe 1.0 formal November 2008
CORBA to WSDL/SOAP Interworking C2WSDL™ 1.2.1 formal August 2008
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA® 2.2 formal July 1998
Dependability Assurance Framework For Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices DAF™ 1.0 formal February 2016
Diagram Definition DD™ 1.1 formal August 2015
Essence Essence® 1.2 formal July 2018
IDL to Java Language Mapping I2JAV 1.2 formal August 2002
Interaction Flow Modeling Language IFML™ 1.0 formal February 2015
Java to IDL Language Mapping JAV2I 1.3 formal September 2003
Lexicon Query Service LQS 1.0 formal June 2000
Management of Event Domains MED 1.0 formal June 2001
Notification Service NOT 1.1 formal September 2004
Notification/JMS Interworking Service NOTJMS™ 1.0 formal October 2004
Persistent State Service PSS™ 2.0 formal September 2002
Person Identification Service PIDS™ 1.0 formal June 2000
Product Data Management Enablers PDME™ 1.3 formal November 2000
Property Service PROP 1.0 formal June 2000
Query Service QUER™ 1.0 formal June 2000
Semantics Of Business Vocabulary And Business Rules SBVR™ 1.5 formal December 2019
Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language SoaML® 1.0.1 formal May 2012
Smalltalk Language Mapping ST 1.0 formal July 1999
Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel SPEM™ 2.0 formal April 2008
UML Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing EDOC™ 1.0 formal February 2004
UML Profile for System on a Chip SoCP™ 1.0.1 formal August 2006
Unified Modeling Language UML® 2.4.1 formal July 2011
Unified POS UPOS 1.15 beta 2 beta May 2019
WSDL/SOAP CORBA Interworking WSDL2C™ 1.0 formal March 2004
Workflow Management Facility WfMF 1.2 formal May 2000