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Name Acronym Version Status Publication Date
Total: 28
Additional Structuring Mechanisms for OTS OTS 1.1 formal January 2005
Alert Management Service ALMAS 1.2 formal August 2023
Application Instrumentation APP-INST 1.0 formal May 2016
Command and Control Interface for Navigation Systems C2INAV 1.1 formal November 2023
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA® 3.4 formal February 2021
DDS Consolidated JSON Syntax DDS-JSON 1.0 formal February 2021
DDS Consolidated XML Syntax DDS-XML 1.0 formal December 2018
DDS Extensions for Time Sensitive Networking DDS-TSN 1.0 beta beta April 2023
DDS For Extremely Resource Constrained Environments DDS-XRCE 1.0 formal February 2020
DDS For Lightweight CCM DDS4CCM™ 1.1 formal February 2012
DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol DDSI-RTPS™ 2.5 formal April 2022
DDS Security DDS-SECURITY™ 1.1 formal July 2018
Data Distribution Service DDS™ 1.4 formal March 2015
Data Distribution Service + Data Local Reconstruction Layer DDS-DLRL™ 1.4 formal May 2015
Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types for DDS DDS-XTypes™ 1.3 formal February 2020
IDL to C++11 Language Mapping CPP11 1.7 formal January 2024
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping IDL4-CSHARP 1.0 formal April 2022
IDL4 to Java Language Mapping IDL4-Java 1.0 formal June 2022
ISO/IEC C++ 2003 Language DDS PSM DDS-PSM-Cxx 1.0 formal November 2013
Interface Definition Language IDL 4.2 formal March 2018
Java 5 Language PSM for DDS DDS-Java 1.0 formal November 2013
OPC-UA/DDS Gateway DDS-OPCUA 1.0 formal January 2020
REST for CORBA CORBA-REST 1.0 formal September 2023
RPC Over DDS DDS-RPC 1.0 formal April 2017
Robotic Technology Component RTC 1.1 formal September 2012
TACSIT DATA EXCHANGE TEX 1.1 formal January 2024
Unified Component Model for Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Systems UCM 1.3 formal October 2022
Web-Enabled DDS DDS-WEB 1.0 formal February 2016